Start from a sample page

Sample Pages vs Page Templates

A sample page and a page template are both pre-made web pages for you to start building a new web page quickly. Most web builder software and services use page templates. To distinguish from other web builders, Limnor Web Home Service chooses the term "sample page".

What is a page template

A page template is one or more pre-made web pages for you to start with your web site building. It enables you to create web site quickly because lots of things are already built into the pages. It gives you limited customization options to make the page templates into your specific web site. If one page template does not fit your web building requirements then you must choose another page template. Many times some changes you think are minor but require a different page template. One important criteria to judge a web builder software or service is the number of page templates it provides. Hundreds, thousands, and even more than 10 thousands of page templates are provided by one web builder tool to try to satisfy vast diversity of web building tastes.

What is a sample page

Unlike other web builder tools, Limnor Web Home Service does not rely on page templates. It is based on visual page element editing. When creating a new web page, it provides a few pre-made web pages for you to start with. To distinguish from "page template", these pre-made web pages are called "sample pages". Comparing with page templates, sample pages are different in following ways.