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 What is "Limnor Web Home" service

"Limnor Web Home" is a free online service to let you visually create web pages and host your web pages on web site The service is a PHP web database application created via Limnor Studio. The service lets you visually create web pages using Limnor Visual Web Editor. See video tutorial at

The video tutorials provide following lessons:

For more comprehensive tutorials, see Users Guide of Limnor Visual Web Editor. This web page and the Users Guide are created using Limnor Visual Web Editor.

The service helps sending your web pages links to your friends. You have options to allow visitor comments on each of your web pages.

You may ask support questions in the user forum, or send emails to

Comparing to Blogs

"Limnor Web Home" service looks like a blog hosting service, both of them let you publish contents to the world for free. Comparing to a blog service, it has following differences.

Using a blog service is like living in a hotel. Using "My Web Home" is like living in your own house. You can enjoy both and hyperlink to each other.

Page Manager

You use "Limnor Web Home" service by visiting You need to log in to your account in order to use the service. If you do not have an account then you may register a new account.

Once you logged in, the page manager appears, showing all your web pages.

Click a language name to switch the language of the web page.

You may log off or edit your account:


A set of buttons provide management functionality:

Create a new web page. For more information, see

Manage your subscribers so that your page update notifications can be easily sent to them. See subscribeHelp.html

Manage your subscriptions so that you may receive web page update notifications from other web home owners. See subscribeHelp.html

Show users guide for visual web page editor.

Show video tutorials for visual web page editor

Show user forum

Show this users guide.