Limnor Visual Html Editor is a web browser based what-you-see-is-what-you-get web page authoring system. Like other online HTML editors, it provides word-processing capabilities for editing text contents. Unlike other online editors, it provides visual editing on individual page elements, thus, it greatly enhances web page editing capability. The goal of Limnor Visual Html Editor is to give users complete HTML editing power without direct coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This users guide is completely created in Limnor Visual Html Editor.

Based on Limnor Visual Html Editor, web site provides an online service of "My Web Home". This service allows you to create your own web pages and publish to the world. For details of this service, see webhomehelp.html. For video tutorials, see

Limnor HTML Editor

User interface

A Limnor Visual Html Editor consists of a title bar, a tool bar and an element editor.

Almost all small icon images in the Limnor Visual Html Editor are clickable like buttons. To know what functionality an icon provides, move the mouse pointer within the image for a few times, a description box will appear explaining what functionality the image provides.

For example, move the mouse pointer within the image on the top right corner a few times, a yellow box appears:

Minimize and restore

When editing a web page, the Editor is overlapping on front of the page being edited, and it may be in the way of page editing. You may move the Editor around the screen by dragging its title bar to get it out of way. The Editor can also be minimized by clicking the image on the top right corner. When the Editor is minimized, its toolbar and element editor are hidden.

After minimizing the Editor, it can be restored by clicking the image on the right edge.

Moving and Resizing

You may drag the title bar to move the editor on the screen:

You may drag  on the lower-right corner to resize the Editor:

Save, cancel, and publish

The first few buttons on the toolbar are for saving modifications, canceling page editing, and publishing web page.

Save button . It is available for page editing only. It saves all your modifications of the page to the server but it does not publish the web page. If you view the web page through a web browser then you will not see the modifications. This saving operation will also be done automatically in every 10 minutes to minimize the impact of an unexpected network disconnection. The LastSave property of the HTML element shows the time the last saving operation is executed.

Cancel button . It is available for page editing only. It closes the page editing and discards all modifications made since the last saving operation.

Reset button . It is available for page editing only. It closes the page editing and discards all modifications made since last publishing of the web page.

Publish button . For page editing, it closes the page editing and makes all modifications available to be viewed via web page URL. For message editing, it submits the message being edited.

Add elements

Button  in the toolbar is for inserting a new page element into the web page. On clicking it, a list of page elements is displayed. Click one element, a corresponding new element is inserted into the page.

Search elements

Button  in the toolbar is for searching elements on the page by a specified tag. If you want to edit an element then you need to select it first. But in some conditions some page elements may not be easily visible on a web page, or may not be easily selectable on a web page. You may click this button to search elements by tag, id and name. You may give each element an id or a name to identify it. Id for an element must be unique in the entire web page. Element names do not need to be unique.

Page editing results

On publishing a web page, Limnor HTML Editor generates two files on the web server.

For a web page, its contents are saved in the HTML file; its styles, for example, colors, fonts, etc., are saved in the CSS file.

Web Browser Compatibility

Limnor Visual Html Editor was tested in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

If you use Internet Explorer then you need to turn off Compatibility View. You may choose Tools menu and uncheck Compatibility View.

If you use Chrome then you need to disable Chrome Extension. See following links:

The web pages generated by Limnor Visual Html Editor are supposed to work in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

If you found browser compatibility issues, in Limnor HTML Editor or in the web pages generated by Limnor HTML Editor, then please notify us at Thanks!

Web Browser Behavior Differences

A web browser based HTML editor relies on HTML editing capability of web browsers. Different web browsers behave differently in editing web pages. For example, press {ENTER} key, Internet Explorer will generate a new paragraph; Chrome will create a new line. You need to be aware of such differences and choose a web browser to do editing according to your preferences.

Web Browser Page Cache Problem

Most web browsers make caches of web pages to improve performance. However page caching gives you confusion when using online web page editors. Many web browsers do not handle page cache properly. After modifying a web page, the next time you use the same web browser to edit or view the web page you might not see your modifications. You might see the web page before your modifications, because the web browser stores a cache of the web page before your modifications and shows you the cached web page instead of the new web page you modified.

When such a problem happens sometimes you may just refresh the page. But sometimes refresh and reload the page do not solve the problem. You have to turn of page caching or clear page caches when using an online web page editor. Different web browsers have different ways of turning off page caching or clearing page caches.

Internet Explorer 10

Cache settings: Choose menu "Tools" and "Internet Options", on "General" tab, click "Settings" and choose "Caches and databases".

Clear caches: Choose menu "Tools" and "F12 developer tools". A "F12" window appears. In that window, choose menu "Cache" for clearing cache and making cache settings.


Click the customization button, choose "Tools" menu, and choose "Clear browsing data"


Click "Opera", choose "Settings" menu, choose "Delete Private Data"


Choose "Tools" menu and then choose "Clear Recent History"


Choose menu "Reset Safari"

Note that this page cache issue, when it occurs, can be very frustrating because you may keep seeing old web page and do not know why. 


Copy/Paste from other sources

While creating a web page, sometimes you may want to copy contents from other documents and paste into the web page. Copying from a formatted text source, such as Microsoft Word, can be convenient, but there could be issues you need to be aware of.

 Performance Issue

If after lots of copying/pasting or other editing operations you feel that keyboard and mouse responses become slow then you may save the modifications and close all browser windows, and reload the editor.