A new web page can be created from an empty page, from a sample page, or from a web page you designed previously.

Create a new page from a sample

Click new page button to create a new page from a sample page .
 A dialogue appears for you to select a sample page for creating a new page.

Give a name for the new page and click an icon on the left part of the dialogue to create a new page using the corresponding sample page.
Do not use spaces, dots or special characters in the new page name. Do not end the name with ".html". For example, use page1, do not use page1.html. 
Each icon on the icon list represents one sample page. Moving the mouse pointer over an icon, an image of the corresponding sample page appears, showing what the sample page looks like.
The first icon represents an empty web page.
Do not confuse sample pages with page templates. See  http://www.limnor.com/home1/AA/AA/PageSample.html

Create a new page from an existing page

You may create a new page from any page you already created. 
Select a desired page, click "Duplicate" button.

You will be prompted to give a name for the new page. The new page will be created using the given name and copying from the selected page.

Page category

If you created page categories and a page category is selected at the time of creating a new web page then the new web page will be automatically added to the category.

For information on page categories, see http://www.limnor.com/home1/AA/AA/pagecat.html