Tree View Element

Create tree view

A tree view element is similar to bullets in a document but it allows expanding and collapsing of items.

When a new tree view element is created, a new root item is created.


Add root items

To add new root items, select the tree view element and click .

Add sub items

To add new sub items to a parent item, select desired parent item and click 

Expand and collapse items

At both design time and run time, tree view items can be expanded or collapsed by clicking   and 

Hover color

You may use a background color change to highlight the tree view item under the mouse pointer. Select the tree view element, set its HoverBackColor property:


Fix Errors

Some browser errors may cause invalid HTML contents. For example, if you use {DEL} key to delete all contents of a sub item, the browser might damage the tree view structure by putting an "UL" element inside another "UL" element. Button  is provided for fixing such errors.