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Limnor Studio Editions

You have choices of using Limnor Studio VS, Limnor Studio 5, or both.
Limnor Studio VS and Limnor Studio 5 have similar user interfaces and Integrated Development Environments. They use the same compiler. They use and create the same project and solution files. The projects created and developed by Limnor Studio 5 can be opened and developed by Limnor Studio VS, and vise versa.

For developing PHP web applications it is recommended to use Limnor Studio 5 because only HTML, JavaScript and PHP code are generated, no c# code is generated.

Following are their major differences.
Limnor Studio VSLimnor Studio 5
First time download file sizes vs_AppEnvRedist.exe -- 384.4MB 10MB
LimnorStudio5.msi 3MB
First time download/installation First time download/installation is much different than the later upgrade. It is likely to make mistakes. Please follow the steps list in the instruction page carefully. It is the same quick and easy operation. This flash video shows complete downloading and installation process on an XP:play flash or Play raw swf
Upgrade download file sizes LimnorStudioSetup.msi 8MB LimnorStudio5.msi 3MB
C# source code level debug Yes No
32-bit IDE. If your project uses 32-bit software libraries then you need to use an IDE only runs as 32-bit software. For example, Jet database driver is a 32-bit software. Yes Yes
64-bit IDE. If your project uses 64-bit software libraries then you need to use an IDE supporting running of 64-bit software. No Yes
IDE sophistication/Functionality Limnor Studio VS makes use of Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. It is feature rich and much sophisticated. Some designer features are only available through Visual Studio. Limnor Studio 5 IDE is not as feature rich and sophisticated as Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.
IDE performance Limnor Studio VS IDE runs much slower Limnor Studio 5 IDE runs much faster.
Supported .Net Framework Limnor Studio VS only supports up to .Net Framework 3.5 Limnor Studio 5.6 supports .Net Framework 4.0
Learning materials The screenshots in all learning materials and tutorial videos are from Limnor Studio VS. Limnor Studio 5 IDE is similar to the Limnor Studio VS IDE. The small differences should not give much difficulty in using the learning materials. But if you find it difficult in using the learning materials then use Limnor Studio VS.

- Install Limnor Studio VS

- Install Limnor Studio 5

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