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You may find some applications useful here. You may download them and modify them to fit your needs. You may upload your projects here to share with others. If you upload a project here then you give permissions to anyone for using your project in any ways and modifying your project in anyways.

Check folder sizes
This application lists all folders and their disk sizes. It allows you to specify a folder and a folder size. The application lists all folders under the specified folder. It only lists the folders which are larger than the specified folder size. Folder size is calculated by summing up all file sizes of the files directly under the folder.
This utility may help you to find out which folders are taking most of your disk spaces.

Find windows and controls
This application finds a window by its title or part of title. It also finds all the controls under the window. It lists the control ID, control Text, control handle for each found control.

Show HTML elements
This application lists all HTML Elements. It uses a WebBrowser control to display a web page. It uses a list box to display all HTML elements by showing tag name, id and name. It gets HTML elements from the All property of the Document property of the WebBrowser control. It uses a ExecuteForeachItem action to go through all HTML elements in the All property. It uses a Math Expression to format display text for the list box items.

Inventory Control
This is an inventory control application. The database is included in the zip file. The database includes two employee records. The passwords for both records are the same:123. The application provides following functions: Adding/Editing/Deleting Employees; Adding/Editing/Deleting Suppliers; Adding/Editing/Deleting Products; Change employee password. The password for an employee can only be changed if you can log in with the current password. Only an irreversible hash of the password is saved in the database. Thus if a password is forgotten then there is no way the password can be recovered. The updating of the inventory includes two operations: 1. Create a record of InventoryTransaction table; 2. Increase or decrease the “Quantity in Stock” field of the Inventory table. These two operations are put in a database transaction so that the database is updated only when the two operations both succeeded.
It also includes a complete Point of Sale (POS) sample. When quantity is entered for a product, calculations are automatically done for Amount, Sub-total, tax, and total due for the order.

Save HTML Table to Database
This application shows lists all tables in a HTML page in a list box. Select a table in the list box, the contents of the table is displayed in a data grid. If the table contains table head then the table head is used to create data grid columns. If the table does not contain head then the columns of the data grid are named as “Data0”, “Data1”, and so on.
The data in the data grid can be saved into a database. An EasyUpdator is used to do that. Its parameters must match the column names. The EasyUpdator in the project matches a table in a HTML page, webData.html, included in the zip file. The database file, HtmlTable.mdb, is also included.
To use the project, make sure the textbox points to the HTML file location on your hard disk. Click Load button. There will be some script errors. Ignore them. A table named “table-1” will appear in the list box. Click the table-1 in the list box. The data grid will show data. Click button “Save to database”. Wait for a few seconds. Click button “Show database”. A form appears showing the data in the database.

Capture videos and audios
This application uses Capturer component to capture video/audio from devices such as web cameras, TV tuners, etc. It uses Direct Show to connect to the devices. The .Net library ( is under GPL. The modified source code of it can be downloaded from The video capture library ( is in public domain ( The source code can be downloaded from
5 videos are produced to show the creation of this application. See studio_video.html

A control to show a set of images one by one automatically
The project generates a DLL file containing a control named Slider. This control has a property named ImageFiles. Set this property to a list of image file names. This control has a StartSlideShow method and a StopSlideShow method. Execute StartSlideShow action and it starts to display the images one by one in an interval specified by its Interval property. The Interval property is in milliseconds. 1000 is for 1 second.

A grid control for showing and editing objects.
The project generates a DLL file containing a control named GridObjectArray. This control may be used to display a object array. Each row of the grid is for one object. Each column is for one object property. Through this grid objects can be modified, added or deleted.
The grid control has a CreateColumns method which sets up the grid for a specified object type. New objects can be added after calling this method.
The grid control has a LoadObjectArray method which loads an array of objects into the grid for displaying, editing, adding, or deleting of objects.
The grid control has a an ExportObjectArray method which returns an array of objects currently displayed in the grid.
A test project is also included.
The test project creates a Person class with 3 properties. One button executes a CreateColumns action for the Person class and thus new Person objects can be added into the Grid through the Grid user interface. It creates a method to save the objects in the grid to a text file by first executing an ExportObjectArray action to get an array of Person objects and then write each Person object as one line of text to a file.
The test project also create a LoadFromFile method which reads a text file into an array of Person objects and then executes a LoadObjectArray action of the grid to show the objects.

Inventory control and point of sales application
The project is a Windows Form database application. It is an inventory control and point of sales application. You may use this application as a jump start to build your own inventory control and point of sales applications.

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